Sunday, 22 September 2013

Josh in Mumbai - 6 - Final Blog

Wow. What a hectic week it’s been.  I’m now back in the UK, wearing two jumpers, hugging my AGA, and looking outside as the rain and winds batter the trees.  But what a pleasure it is, to be able to drink straight out the tap without the concern of where the nearest Imodium packet is.  Probably my biggest achievement was to go to India for over 2 months, immerse myself with their culture, and yet not fall ill once.

The last week has been great.  I’m already missing the foundation and the friends I’ve made over the last 70 days.  There are too many highlights to list.  September 6th was National Teachers Day, and I was flattered to receive so many presents from students (all directed to ‘Josh Sir’) – it really made me feel appreciated!

Sadly the 2nd listeners club concert never went ahead either, for exactly the same reason as the first concert getting cancelled.  They were profusely apologetic, and mentioned there and then that “they look forward to hearing me perform next time I come to their Foundation”.

Midori Goto arriving at MMMF on Monday (9th Sept) was a great experience.  I accompanied the String ensemble, then half a dozen students, then had a private masterclass with her and Mika- playing the 6 Romanian Folk dances by Bartok for Violin and Piano.  It was such an enjoyment it really encouraged the idea of doing a postgraduate in Piano Accompaniment at the Royal Welsh.

It’s been a huge experience for me and I’d like to think that while I have learnt a few additional teaching techniques, most of all I feel my current teaching ideas have been assured and validated.

Being invited back to the foundation has been a real honour – I started in July thinking that if I was invited back, I’ll have done a good enough job.  When I can travel back is another question entirely.  If I had a choice I’d like to see India in non-monsoon season.  During September, the rains stopped and you could start to see Mumbai in a new light- something I’d perhaps like to see more of…

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