Saturday, 24 August 2013

Last Week In Chennai

I have always thought that two months in India is going to be slow as the lifestyle is very different than what I was used to in UK. With just exactly one week left, as much as I miss my family and friends in UK, I think I’m starting to get fond of living in Chennai. From working side by side with the teachers, eating South Indian food and doing all piano related teaching and writing, I am really enjoying the whole experiences and it has been amazing!

As always, my weeks have been the same, as I go to the school at the same time and everything is expected. However, even though I have a few days left in the school, I am still having the chance to get to know new students and hearing different pieces played by them. It makes every day very interesting as there is never one day that feels the same. And there are always different piano related matters that I can explain to the same student!

With the school’s report almost ready to send out, I felt like I have achieved something and I’m making a difference. Although I have been struggling to offer useful advices and guidance to a student who wish to take up music as a degree in aboard. But given my background, I have been able to relate closer to students that wish to do engineering, mathematics, economics and commerce. Sometimes, not only giving just lessons on piano, I have found myself in the situation on offering advices to students that are unsure of what they want to do in future. It has been encouraging to tell them how piano can go well with whatever careers they choose to do and how it have helped me to relieve from stress over the past! Most importantly, I enjoy playing the piano, and I want to teach the students on how to enjoy playing it too and it has been a major point that I’m trying to address in the school!

Same as other WAMers, I’ve been sending out feedback forms to students and teachers over the past few days. It was really rewarding hearing what the students have gained from me and how I have motivated them to learn further One of my students gave me an Asoka pillar of lion capital as a present and it was interesting hearing stories related to that. Then, I realised it was the national emblem of India and it can be found on every bank notes!

Apart from teaching, I’m trying to make the most out of the very limited time that I have left in here. I’m going to watch Chennai Express tomorrow since I’m in Chennai and the film was strongly recommended! I’m planning to visit Anna Centenary Library once more as they have a huge collection of books and it’s one of the biggest in India. Besides from that, I’m yet to visit the Egmore museum and also meeting up with friends! This last week is going to be interesting!

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