Monday, 19 August 2013

Trek rapping and a glittery show! - Becky in Bombay

On Saturday our school had their annual day which was amazing! A sparkly, glittering performance of a traditional story with amazing music, dancing, drama, scenery, lights and mountains of effort! Before the show the tabla player gave me a small lesson which was fantastic and I did a warm up with the choir to get them turning their enthusiastic shouting into singing! During the performance I played guitar which felt too western to me but all the teachers and children seemed very appreciative. The beautiful choir enjoyed having a go in the green room too!

After that I went to the house of a lovely couple from the church we have been attending who sat me down with amazing Indian food and a guitar! I have been invited back today to sing with some young people that they know, learning local songs and teaching western ones. We will be with working the gentleman of the couple on Saturday to do a music workshop in an orphanage.

On Sunday we risked life and limb on a trek through the monsoon! My highlight was the rickety ladder in a waterfall which we went down to reach some Buddhist caves. It was such fun and accompanied by Cat and I singing songs we know, our friends singing amazing hindi songs and rap lessons! Teaching our Indian friends the 'Fresh Prince' was a hilarious disaster but Eminem seems pretty cross-cultural!

Avalon's Raksha Bandhan celebrations are beautiful today. To fit the theme of love between siblings I have just taught them a song from my childhood - 'God loves you and I love you . . . . we should love others like sisters and brothers and that's the way it should be'.

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