Friday, 19 July 2013

Avalon, Cat and Becky.

Really busy here preparing for musical presentations for parents. We have just been presented with a lovely pile of handmade cards, carpet and model pinochio from lovely children we don't even teach! It's a real testimony to the caring nature of all children and staff at Avalon school.

We have yet to teach a single piano lesson! At Avalon, the teaching is classroom based. Cat is working in nursery and kindergarten classes, teaching them songs and basic rhythmic techniques. It's more important that they have a good time though, and Becky is teaching grade 1,2 classes, the British equivalent would be year 2 or three I think. We are working full weeks, in school from 8am - 3pm Monday to Friday and Cat has emailed around Ryan's contacts regarding outreach work. After a good first response however, she hasn't heard much except from Ayush, a teacher at a local school called Muktangen. Unfortunately, we don't have days off during the week which would be the perfect time for us to go and do workshops in the school but we're hoping that after presentations, we can have a bit more freedom to go elsewhere!

We were thinking of organising a fundraising concert showcase in Mumbai to raise money for local charities. If anyone in Mumbai would be interested in getting involved, don't be afraid to drop us an email.

Speak soon!

C & B xx

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