Sunday, 7 July 2013

Josh in Mumbai

I’m currently sat by myself in the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation’s (MMMF) office, thinking about the next 2 months and what they might have in store.  I should also warn the avid readers of this blog, that I only managed 2 hours sleep on the flight last night, and so we might see my future blogs have a noticeable progressive quality. (I hope)…

I arrived today (Sunday 7th) and have simply been trying to get my bearings.  Abha, the Assistant Education Programmer was kind enough to give some time on her day off to show me round the foundation and local streets.  We went for lunch and talked music, culture and English humour among other things.  The MMMF is based in a relatively affluent area, hence the lack of rickshaw’s on our front doorstep...

As I understand, I’ll be working 6-day weeks, both attending the MMMF, and also Outreach work with the local schools. The lessons seem to start from anytime as early as 8am, and can continue up till 8pm at night, so it’s just as well my bedroom (with ensuite..!) is in the same apartment.

This next week looks like I’ll be observing a lot of lessons, and getting to know the members of staff and students.  I’m looking forward to it, and can’t wait to do a bit more exploring of Mumbai.  Though the high level of performance that this foundation offers means I’m also going to have to put in some serious practice before my two ‘lunchtime concerts’ over the next couple of months!!

Bye for now!


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