Thursday, 25 July 2013

Avalon Updates - Cat

It's fast approaching the time when the children we've been working with at Avalon are to showcase their work to their parents on the open day.

We've managed to turn the bear hunt in to a theatrical performance with the teachers/aunties getting involved by playing some percussion and marching through the performance with various drum beats. There's even talk of filming it! That as well as 'Drop in the Ocean' and a bit of 'Singin' in the Rain' (how fitting) should make a nice presentation for the Senior Kindergarten. Junior Kindergarten have yet to tire of 'Oats and Beans' and they're doing a similar theatrical rhythmic march as Sr KG through the jungle, something I wrote myself. That and another plant themed song will form their presentation and it's all coming together. We have one more week of rehearsals before the performance.

Rain has affected our teaching this week. Some of the children in the schools live quite far away so on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, we had a half day as the school had to shut; a firm reminder of the dangers of the monsoon. This meant that we lost a couple of teaching hours but it's nothing we can't bounce back from!

Becky working hard - Jack and the Beanstalk presentation

I've spoken to the teacher in charge of the pre primary and kindergarten children about reshuffling our hours so we can branch out a bit when the presentations are out the way. This is being arranged so that Becky and I can spend some time in a less privileged school in Mumbai and do some workshops there. Ayush is putting us in touch with the relevant people. (My phone literally just rang as I'm typing this!) We'd also like to get involved with the day care after school programme at Avalon. They are a mixed bunch (aged 3-13) so we could do some more advanced songs and exercises with them and encourage the older children to act as peer mentors to the younger ones.

On 31st July there is a fundraiser concert happening in Mumbai that Ayush will give me the details for. I'll take some snaps and hopefully post them up here for ya'll to see. 

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