Thursday, 18 July 2013

Josh in Mumbai 2

Well I’m now 12 days down but it feels like a month. Not a bad thing of-course, I just seem to have done an awful lot in the last 2c. weeks.  I’m starting to get my bearings in the local area, and the shopkeepers have started to recognise me. Especially the postman, but that’s another story.   I’m really enjoying it here and I’ve managed not to be ill (yet). I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Mumbai catches up with me… not wanting to sound pessimistic!

The week observing was very enjoyable, I think I’ve learnt most of the names of the staff and teachers at the foundation, quite a feat considering there’s at least 16 names and only a couple are remotely English sounding.

Although it’s been an observing week I’ve actually taken part quite a lot, holding my own individual piano lessons for 7 students.  I’ve also accompanied the senior choir, attended a couple of theory classes and played in the string ensemble (that starts at 8:30 on a Sunday morning……..).  Also on Wednesdays and Thursday’s I travel with Rael to a school called Aseema, a good 50 minute drive north of the Foundation (apparently it’s only 25 mins in lighter traffic) where we provide music workshops from 10am-2:30pm for students attending the state-funded school.

I’ve already been to 3 different dinner parties, all of which were lovely and I can only praise the friendliness of everyone I’ve met. Photo’s will follow shortly, though I always seem to leave my camera or phone in my bedroom whenever something spectacular happens

I also managed to bump into Duncan and Sam at the Paul Harris ‘Piano Teaching’ presentation on Monday (my day-off, I’d like to point out.), it was good to see a couple of friendly faces from the WAM association, as the last time I saw them was the interview process in February.  We had a good catch-up and plan to meet again sooner than later.

I could carry on talking but I’ll leave it until my next blog  - mainly cause I’m going to head to bed… I have the possibility of a lie-in tomorrow, as I’m only busy from 11am, (I’m being worked hard here, but I’m classing it as a compliment) so want to make the most of it!


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