Sunday, 7 July 2013

First week in Chennai

After facing the uncomfortable hot humid weather, the chaotic traffic system with horns being used excessively and a lot constructions going around the city, I have finally arrived to my accommodation with a warm welcome. There are flowers being given to me, and the teachers and the head of the accommodation showed me around the guest house, the transportation, the school and making sure everything is alright, and this has definitely helped me to settle in very well.
Musee Musical is one of the oldest music schools in Chennai with over 150 years of history. There are shops that sell all kind of instruments and music books and CD, etc. Besides from the shop, students attend lessons from the teacher on a one to one basis and the school teaches various instruments from piano, violin, guitar, to vocal, drum, keyboard and so on. It has been delightful to teach the children individually as I have the opportunities to bond with them as well as providing advices and assistances that enable them to work towards their goal specifically.  Lessons have started already and I shall update you soon with a few observations that I have noticed during these past days.
Oh and a few things I found rather unusual, the people and students have been shaking their heads for yes and it does take some time to get used to. Also, the food is indeed challenging, curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there is no such thing as “not spicy” in Chennai! 
Anyway, I’m heading off to a bar soon with some friends to watch the Wimbledon final and it should be really good!

Until next time!

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