Monday, 22 July 2013

Throwing stars and l'homme arme

Becky here from Avalon school in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
I’ve just had a very excited class of second-grade students finishing their musical performance of the princess and the pea then enjoying the bongalow! They have also written lyrics for two songs based on simple tunes, choosing to write about manners and conserving water. All of my four second-grade classes can now clap notated rhythms and seem to enjoy composing their own on the board for their friends to clap! Each class is writing its own lyrics on different tunes and I have copied their lyrics to Scarborough Fair at the bottom of this post for you to enjoy – they have beautiful ideas! One class have been really enjoying the l’homme arme tune so I played them part of a mass by Josquin based on this idea. They then showed me what the music made them think of - more beautiful ideas!  
My grade one classes are preparing presentation of Jack and the Beanstalk to show their parent using instruments, a learnt songs and a song which they wrote themselves. There are some particularly good giants in these classes!
All of the classes are enthusiastic about the ukulele and the flute, often requesting particular tunes which they have heard me play before. A really nice end-of-class activity is getting them to show me with their actions what different tunes on the flute make them think of.
I am about to tuck into a lovely Indian lunch. Enjoy the children’s lyrics below!

Class 2D are journeying,
Through the clouds with the birds,
Through the thunder and the tornado,
Woo, Crash, Woo, Crash,

Class 2D fly through the clouds,
Clouds like cotton and mountains
Climb up the rainbow and slide down,
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Class 2D plays with the stars,
Throwing stars and jumping between them,
Landing on a rock on the moon.
Class 2D rocks.

We fly high behind the sun,
Feel its warmth and sparkle.
The sun shines on our faces,

Class 2D shines like the sun.

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