Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ventures in Vashi from a Becky who now can hear!

The school bus home has turned into a daily music session as the children ask us to sing, sing along to songs they know, perform their own songs to us and even take small ukulele classes! I have even been honoured to hear the debut of a new song which one of the girls had written specially for me!

Outside of school I have started teaching a girl from church piano. For a few years she has been working pieces out by ear with impressive results! Her dream is to be a pianist and she practices very hard. She also wants to write a song for her parents’ wedding anniversary which I am helping her with – adorable!

Working with the younger children in school is teaching me to be more dramatic and communicate through whole body gestures. It is amazing to see the difference in their response if you who them magic beans that are only jazz hands compared to magic beans that are jazz hands plus a footstep!

On Saturday Cat and I will start working with a choir from the Sacred Heart School who have asked if we can come and run a few rehearsals. We are really excited about this!

Teaching was very difficult since last Friday because I lost most of the hearing in one of my ears. It is very odd teaching music without full hearing! The school nurse saw me a few times and eventually sent me to hospital which terrified me! I needn’t have been worried – the service was excellent and with no waiting around at all I was sent to an ENT specialist who got to work and now I can hear. Hooray!

The keyboard in our room of the apartment is getting lots of use as the Indian girls we are staying with are learning little bits and pieces and are teaching us a beautiful hindi love song which I’m working out an accompaniment for. It is such fun! They are also teaching us some classical Indian dance which is amazing! 

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